Book Length Translations from German

Zen in the Garden by Miki Sakamoto (Scribe), Spring 2023

Useless Knowledge for the World Traveler: 555 Curious Facts, Trivia, and Misconceptions That You Should Know by Klause Viedebannt (Schiffer), Spring 2023

Artfully Transforming Bottles and Plates: 75 Elegant Projects to Upcycle Glass and Porcelain by Petra Knoblauch and Ina Mielkau (Schiffer), Summer 2023

Fabulous Flowers with Acrylics: Paint 22 Blooms from Delphiniums to Dandelions by Ruth Alice Kosnick (Schiffer), Summer 2023

Dried Flower Love: Make 18 Inspiring Projects for Your Home by Ivana Jost (Schiffer) August 2023

Mini Fashion by Julika Landermann (Tuva), Autumn 2022

Makrame Super Easy by Josephine Kirsch (Tuva) Autumn 2022

Translations for Magazines and German Publishers

Excerpt of “They Flew By Night” by Mirja Lanz published in World Literature Today, November 2023: Excerpt

Excerpt of “Yani” by Nora Khalil published in Swedish Book Review, Autumn 2023: Excerpt

Excerpt of “Wir waren die neue Zeit” by Andreas Baum” published in World Literature Today, September 2017 : Excerpt

Excerpt of “Großer Bruder Zorn” by Johannes Ehrmann in issue 12 (Winter 2017) of No Man’s Land: Excerpt

Excerpt of “Wir waren die neue Zeit” by Andreas Baum” published online in Lunch Ticket : Excerpt

Excerpt of of “Seit ich for bin” by Henriette Vásárhelyi for Brixton Review of Books (not available online)

Excerpt of “It’s always so uncannily quite at your place” by Alena Schröder, dtv, 2023

Excerpt of “Reality Show” by Anne Freytag for dtv, 2022

Excerpt of “Wer alles gibt, hat die Hände frei” for bene, 2022

Excerpt of “Das Vorkommnis by Julia Schoch for dtv, 2022: See translation

Excerpt of “Aus Schwarzem Wasser” by Anne Freytag for dtv, 2021

Excerpt of “Ein Koffer voller Schönheit” by Kristina Engel for DK, 2021

Excerpt of “Das Museum der Welt” by Christopher Kloeble for dtv, 2021

Excerpt of “Komisch, alles chemisch” by Mai Thi Ngugen Kim for DK, 2019

Excerpt of “Das Nachtfräuleinspiel” by Anja Jonuleit for dtv June 2018

Excerpt of “Brot – Auf der Suche nach dem Duft des Lebens” by Walter Mayer for Suhrkamp / Insel, November 2017

More forthcoming….


Academic translations and proofreading

The Prague Spring as a Laboratory by Martin Schulze Wessel (ed.) (translation of several essays)

History and Culture of Economic Nationalism in East Central Europe by Helga Schulz and Eduard Kubu (proofreading of several essays)

Patriots or Traitors? – The Soviet Government and the ‚German Russians’ After the Attack on the USSR by National Socialist Germany by Viktor Kreiger in Russian-German Special Relations in the Twentieth Century: A Closed Chapter? edited by  Karl Schlogel (translation)

Fascism, Communism and the Consolidation of Democracy: A Comparison of European Dictatorships edited by by Gerhard BesierFrancesca Piombo and Katarzyna Stoklosa (proofreading and translation)